I have been shooting for over twenty years now, yet with each new shoot I look forward to the fresh, undiscovered qualities of people and places. In my advertising work I am efficient and focused on delivering the requested images. When that’s done, I always include a creative ‘alternate’ image for the client. More often than not, these ‘alternate’ images are selected for the campaign. I like to think of that as confirmation that the act of seeing, both literally as well as in terms of imaginative visualization is best done on location. When I shoot for magazines, the diverse locales and interesting people bring out the best in my creativity. To date I have had over 300 images appearing in such publications as Time, Wired, Forbes, Men’s Heath, Psychology Today, The New York Times Magazine, Entrepreneur, Angeleno and many others. In 2002 I was truly honored to learn that my image of the World Trade Center would appear on the cover of TIME Magazine’s “While America Slept” issue, one of the highest selling issues in the history of the publication. It was also a pleasure to take a rare photograph of film director David Lynch in his private sanctuary, the ‘think room’. I have had chapters in my photographic career where I’ve enjoyed taking simple portraits to capture the truth in people’s eyes, the universal joy and pain that is evident in the CEO’s of international corporations as well as the unemployed residents of trailer parks and S.R.O. communities. Currently I am enjoying the challenge of capturing peoples stories with the combination of still, motion and sound.